The Collaborative Impact at Better Advertising Professionals

At Better Advertising Professionals, we know that there are few things more powerful than cohesive teamwork. Our head-turning promotional initiatives depend on the harmonious collaboration our team leverages to produce amazing outcomes. Our experienced leaders guide our newest executives through a comprehensive training regimen that ensures their professional success as they wield the most futuristic strategies in the industry. We highly value the contributions everyone in our group has to offer, and they are subsequently rewarded appropriately at Better Advertising Professionals.

Exceptional Talent

Every campaign we deliver is a result of the hard work our executives invest into producing top-quality initiatives. At Better Advertising Professionals, professionalism, innovation, and integrity are held in high regard, and we are committed to maintaining an inspirational, supportive, and upbeat atmosphere.

Better Advertising Professionals’s CEO

Matt Ruhlman, CEO

Born and raised in Michigan, Matt attended Alma College. Between classes, he also excelled on the institution’s football team. These experiences instilled in him an appreciation of teamwork, healthy communication, and effort – all of which shine through in his management style today.

Matt credits the success of his career and his business to relentless networking with his mentors. He believes that the key to moving forward is finding someone in a prestigious position and being humble enough and disciplined enough to heed his or her guidance. Matt also lives by the motto that, instead of wondering when the next vacation will be, it is better to create a life that doesn’t need to be escaped. It’s a matter of making ordinary what others find extraordinary.

Our Team

Julian Laci

Campaign Manager

“Getting hands-on training on how to run a business and the team atmosphere that we have every day in the workplace is what I enjoy the most about Better Advertising Professionals. It is always positive and energetic inside of our building.”
Interests: Sports, Soccer, Marketing

Tyler Kippe

Campaign Manager

“The work environment here is unlike any other. Every single day I walk into the office knowing that I will be challenged by my co-workers. The growth I have experienced in the short time I have been working here has exceeded my expectations in several ways. I believe that your life begins at the end of your comfort zone and that is exactly what I am pushed to do each day. Above all, I love BAP Inc. because it has given me the opportunity to help others improve their lives in all aspects of the business.”

Alyssa Fagner

HR Representative

“I was born in Iowa but as a kid, I traveled and grew up all across the United States. I am excited to now call Michigan home. My experience in traveling and as a political campaign manager has provided me an aptitude for leadership and people skills- all which helps me succeed in my position at BAP.

I love a lot of things about BAP- the enthusiastic and professional environment are very apparent. I also love the opportunity to build my career and working with a management team that genuinely cares about my growth. Having a good balance of personal and professional in the office makes for a positive and dynamic work experience.”

Chelsea Klinebriel

HR Representative

” I recently moved to Lansing MI. I consider myself a foodie by heart and a lover of the outdoors, especially in the summertime.

The environment at BAP is one that is filled with positivity and high energy each and every day. The growth potential keeps me motivated while ensuring I am constantly striving for the best for myself and my team that feels more like family!”

Jack Dempsey

Account Manager

“I love the environment that BAP Inc. has created. Everyone is very uplifting, motivating, and goal oriented. BAP Inc. brings about a fire within all of us that can’t be extinguished; we keep each other burning to be exceptional in every way!” 

Brandy Murphy

Account Manager

“I love the team oriented atmosphere in and out of the office. It’s exciting that there is so much room to grow within the company and lot’s of hands on training from management.” 

Seth Manshum

Account Manager

“I grew up playing sports, and I wrestled in college. Being an athlete and a competitor is a huge part of who I am as a person.  That’s why I love working at BAP Inc. –it’s a competitive environment that feels almost like playing sports again.”

Cody Cottle

Account Manager

” I was born and raised in Michigan, and I have always loved working with people. B.A.P Inc. was an instant match for me. B.A.P Inc.allows me to perform at a high-performance level and achieve great growth. I look forward to continued growth with this company!” 

Yvie Soto

Account Manager

” I grew up being in love with music, and the people that came with it. I am also the oldest of six siblings, and I really just want to set a new tone and a more positive example in my family. The opportunity at Better Advertising Professionals is one I am more than grateful for.  The environment here is nothing but positive, and the people aren’t just coworkers, they’re family. “

Celeste McGillvary

Account Manager

” I grew up a Tar Heel the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina, being an avid UNC fan I played many sports such as gymnastics, volleyball, and soccer. In my free time, you could always find me at the beach or surrounded by dogs. The culture at Better Advertising Professionals is a competitive- fun environment that always pushes me to do my best. As a person who loves competition, this is an opportunity that drives me to be the best version of myself.”

Rayner Barrera

Account Manager

” Being in a position of constant growth with never-ending opportunity is something to be blessed with. At B.A.P Inc. you are challenged every day to grow professionally and personally. This isn’t just a job for me- it is a career and a way to become the best version of myself. There are people to challenge and support you every step of the way”